Abashed (adj.)

It means "embarrassed, or ashamed". Look! I know you will remember the word, 'embarrassed'. But, you must remember the word, 'abashed', and what it means. When was the last time you were abashed at something? Maybe, it was when someone accused you of negligence/lying! This happens a lot. Well, recently, when I asked a few of my students about their grades, they looked abashed

Let's use it in a couple of sentences. 

a. The secretary looked slightly abashed in front of her boss. 

b. He was not abashed at being fired. 

Having said that, there are some people who remain unabashed (without any worry about being criticized or embarrassed). Maybe, your favourite football team is not doing well. Still, you are an unabashed supporter. One thing is for sure. These two words are intricately associated with our everyday experiences.

Synonyms: disconcerted, shamefaced, sheepish

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