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The most organic amalgamation of heart and machine found life in 
Russo brothers' latest endeavour. With striking visual effects in accordance with a pure display of mastery in story-telling, they will trap you at the edge of your seats forcing you to witness the finest performances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. 

What did we learn from "Infinity War" last year? 
The most ruthless supervillains are those who consider themselves saviours. One might not agree to the way they implement their ideas. But, deep down, one often
appreciates their strength of character and their devotion to the ulterior motive. For them, it is nothing personal about the suffering they inflict on the innocent. What drives them forward is fixated notion, a firm belief. And, what is that? As far as they are concerned, their actions are intended for the greater good. But, the way they wish to execute their plans demands moral scrutiny. That is why, Thanos seemed intimidating, cruel, and yet, worthy of respect. 

In "Avengers: Infinity War", one perceived the culmination of what he wanted to do for many years. He removed what he perceived as imbalance in order to create an equilibrium among existing resources, supply and consumer demand. In the process, he wipes out half the population of all living organisms. 

Our heroes tried their best. But, as it happens on many occasions, one's best is not enough. Therefore, it goes without saying "Avengers: Endgame" is a story of re-examination of our favourite heroes. Experience stellar performances delivered by all the actors and actresses as they compel you to identify them with the characters they play. 

In anticipation of the future, there is nostalgia. And, that is where the directors spell magic in the narrative. They will make you smile, find hope in despair, and inspire the child in us to aspire for more. Be a witness to a never-before-seen on-screen brilliance with your friends and family.

I will give it 9.5 out of 10. Go for it. I watched it yesterday. But, I will carry it with me forever. 

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