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It was evident from the trailers that I was going to experience a storyline that revolved around several confrontations between ancient gigantic creatures. Apparently, the human blitzkrieg failed to subdue these monsters. And, as a result, we look forward to recruiting one on our side to preserve the natural order as we know it. That's the film. If you have watched the trailers yourself, you would know I have not given you a spoiler. 

The only thing that kept me excited for the entire length of the film was the fact it would create a nexus between Godzilla and Kong. Otherwise, it did not have anything else to offer. In fact, the execution of quite a few scenes was so immature that I felt emotionally detached from the human characters. I spoke to a few friends of mine after the show. Even they said there was apathy amongst the audience throughout the duration. If a viewer sees a major character die, and still feels nothing, there are two possibilities: 1. There is something wrong with the viewer, 2. There is something wrong with the way the character has been developed. Here, you would feel the second alternative is true without a question. 

Before the beginning of the film, we knew who would come victorious at the end of the day. So, there was not any mystery element in it. It is perfectly fine because we knew who the lead character was. The only thing that mattered was the execution of the course of events. But, it is a failure in that department. A lot of money has been invested in this endeavour. But, it has not been done wisely. It is just a display of what a software can do.  

I will give it 5 out of 10. 

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