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After the Norman Conquest in 1066, many French words were included in the English vocabulary. Why did it happen? Well, I am not going to talk about history here. For the time being, just look at it as the linguistic domination of the ruling community. In a way, it enriched the English language. The objective of this write-up is to provide you with a list of those words. 

1. Political Words: government, administration, crown, state, sovereign, minister, chancellor, exchequer, parliament, council, counsel, authority, reign, realm, power, people, nation etc. 

2. Words related to Feudalism: fief, feudal, vassal, liege, prince, peer, duke, duchess, marquis, viscount, count, countess, baron etc. 

3. Words related to Court and Court-life: court, courteous, noble, fine, refined, honour, glory, heraldry etc. 

4. Military words:  war, peace, battle, arms, armour, buckler, lance, mail, dart, banner, ensign, assault, siege, officer, chieftain, captain, colonel, lieutenant, sergeant, soldier, troops, dragoon, navy, admiral, challenge, enemy, espy, company, guard, challenge, danger, escape etc. 

5. Judicial and Legal terms: justice, just, judge, jury, court, sue, suit, plaintiff, defendant, attorney, plea, plead, summon, assize, session, fee, felony, crime, heritage, property, real estate, tenure, penalty, injury, attorney-general, marry, marriage, heir, false, petty, puny etc. 

6. Ecclesiastical words: religion, Trinity, service, saviour, saint, relic, abbey, cloister, friar, clergy, baptism, sacrifice, altar, miracle, preach, pray, prayer, sermon, psalm, blame, lesson, rule, order, tempt, save etc. 

7. Ethical words: virtue, vice, duty, conscience, grace, charity, chaste, covet, lechery, mercy, jealous, discipline etc. 

8. Words related to Social Relationship: Sir, Madam, master, mistress, servant, rich, poor, riches, poverty, money, interest, cash, rent, command, obey etc. 

9. Words related to Family Relationships: uncle, aunt, niece, cousin, sire, dame, grandfather, grandmother etc. 

10. Words related to Food: beef, mutton, pork, bacon, brawn, venison, veal, sauce, fry, roast, toast, pastry, soup, sausage, jelly, dinner, supper, feast etc. 

11. Words related to Sports and Pastimes: sports, chase, partner, trump, suit, dice, cards, ace, deuce, joy, pleasure, delight, ease, comfort etc. 

12. Words related to Dress and Fashion: apparel dress, costume, garment, fashion, luxury, adorn etc. 

13. Words related to Art and Architecture: art, beauty, colour, ornament, image, design, figure, column, arch, porch, vault, tower, palace, castle etc. 

14. Words related to Furniture: furniture, table, chair etc. 

15. Words related to Artisans: painter, carpenter, butcher, tailor etc. 

16. Exclamatory Words: alas, adieu etc. 

17. Everyday words: air, age, arrive, beast, change, cheer, cover, cry, feeble, large, letter, manner, matter, nurse, nourish, place, price, point, turn, use etc. 

French LOANWORDS in English, foreign words in English, loanwords in English, English is easy with RB, RAJDEEP BANERJEE, RB

18. French Words + English Endings
A.  (-ness)  closeness, faintness, secretness, simpleness, sweetness
B.  (-ly)        courtly, princely
C.  (-ful)       artful, beautiful, dutiful
D.  (-less)     artless, colourless
E.  (-ship)     companionship
F.  (-dom)     dukedom, martyrdom
G. (-able)     agreeable, serviceable, peaceable, shrinkable

19. English Words + French Endings
A.  (-ess)      shepherdess, goddess, prophetess
B.  (-ment)   enlightenment, endearment
C.  (-age)      mileage, shrinkage, leakage, shortage
D.  (-ance)     hindrance, forbearance
E.  (-ous)       murderous, thunderous, slumberous
F.  (-ry)           fishery, bakery, gossipry
G. (-ty)           oddity, womanity
H. (-fy)           fishify, speechify
I.  (-ation)      signification, uglification

20. English Prefix + French Word:

un + pleasant = unpleasant
in  + justice     = injustice
un + just          = unjust

21. French Prefix + English Word:

dis + believe   = disbelieve
re   + birth       = rebirth

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