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Fact, Inference, Judgement Test 1


Directions for Questions, 1-5: Listed under the directions are three or four sentences. Categorize each of the sentences as Fact (F), Inference (I), or Judgement (J).
Fact (F): A fact is something that is true or can be proven to be true. It is a statement or piece of information that is based on actual evidence or reality. Facts are objective and do not involve personal opinions or beliefs. They provide verifiable information about the world around us.

Inference (I): An inference is a conclusion or interpretation that we make based on the evidence or information available to us. It involves using logical reasoning to draw a conclusion that may not be directly stated or explicitly mentioned.

Judgement (J): A judgement is an opinion or assessment that someone makes about a person, situation, or thing. It involves forming a subjective evaluation or conclusion based on one's personal beliefs, values, or experiences. Judgements can be positive or negative and may involve making comparisons, expressing preferences, or assigning value to something. Unlike facts, judgements are influenced by individual perspectives and can vary from person to person. They often reflect subjective viewpoints rather than objective observations.


A. Dolphins are the most intelligent creatures in the ocean, capable of complex problem-solving and exhibiting advanced communication skills.

B. Dolphins belong to the family Delphinidae and are found in oceans and seas all over the world.

C. Due to their streamlined bodies and strong tails, dolphins are incredibly agile swimmers, allowing them to reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.

D. Dolphins have successfully evolved to thrive in diverse marine environments.


A. Audiences did not respond well to the movie.

B. The movie had a budget of $50 million and grossed only $10 million at the box office.

C. That movie was terrible; the acting was subpar and the plot was confusing.

D.The director of the movie won an Academy Award for Best Director in the past.


A. The restaurant has been in business for 20 years and has a loyal customer base.

B. The pizza is of high quality.

C. The restaurant imports its ingredients directly from Italy to ensure authenticity.

D. This restaurant has the best pizza in town; the crust is perfectly crispy and the toppings are fresh.


A. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard charts and sold over a million copies in its first week.

B. The artist spent three years working on the album and collaborated with several renowned producers.

C. The album resonated well with the audience.

D. The lyrics are profound and the melodies are captivating.


A. The company's decision negatively impacted the quality of their customer service.

B. They are unresponsive.

C. The company recently outsourced their customer service department to a third-party company.

D. The company received numerous complaints from customers regarding their customer service.

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