Sunday 12 August 2018

English Vocabulary Week 2: Aug 05-11, 2018

This is the second post of the series, 'English 

Vocabulary'. Today, we are going to learn 5 English 

words. So, let’s begin.

1. The first word we are going to learn today is 


It means ‘to allow someone have something, 

especially, land and control, unwillingly, or because you are forced to do so.'

For example,

‘After the war, the king lost his kingdom. It was 

ceded to the new ruler.’

‘Although she has left the company, she is yet to 

cede control over it.’

2. Next up, ‘REVERE’

It means ‘to respect and admire somebody or 

something a lot’.

‘These students revere their teacher.’

We get to learn one more word from ‘revere’. It’s 

‘REVERENCE’. It means ‘great respect or admiration’.

For example,

‘These students have reverence for their teacher.’

3. Next, ‘COPIOUS’.

It means ‘in large amounts, or more than enough.’

Some people drink a lot of coffee. Take my friend for example. She takes copious amounts of coffee.


It means ‘to defeat a competitor by a large margin’.

For example,

‘Team A has trounced Team B by six goals to one.’

Or, maybe, in the elections, someone has won by a 

large margin.

In that case, we can say that

One has trounced one’s rivals in the election.  


It means ‘a government which is run by a few 

extremely wealthy people’.

For example,

‘It’s difficult to say which country is not run by an 


A member of this select group of people is called an 


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