Wednesday 22 August 2018


Hi everyone! This is RB. Today, I have got something really interesting for you all. I am going to teach you the most effective way to learn the English words easily. 

Trust me, friends! It will really help you out. But, I need your cooperation. Just make sure you go through the entire write-up. 

Whenever we talk about learning new words, in general, we refer to their meaning and usage in various contexts. But, is that enough? Is it going to help you out in the long run? Is it really called learning? Are you absolutely sure you are not betraying yourself?

You see... when we are young we have pictures in our books in order that we learn to associate the word with the thing to which it refers.

It helps them relate A-p-p-l-e to 

Later on, of course, they learn to associate A-p-p-l-e with this.

Making associations of this sort is extremely important in learning new words. These associations go beyond the meaning and usage. 
How does the word affect you? What is the importance of that word in your life? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. You can only answer these questions with your knowledge and experience. 

Say, for example, the word, ‘Happiness’. Is it only ‘the state of being happy’? For some people, 'happiness' would be spending time with their family and friends. You can’t contain its meaning within these five words, ‘the state of being happy’. 

And, then, there are some who would find happiness in a cup of coffee. 

Let us use this idea in learning a few words.

The word, ‘Supersede’, means ‘to replace something that is considered old-fashioned or less effective.’

How to use it in a sentence?
'There are many movie halls in India which have closed down. They are now superseded by multiplexes.' 

'The Internet is so popular that it has superseded almost every mode of communication.' 

If I stop right here, I won’t be making further associations between the sense of the word and the happenings across the world. Now, I want you to make associations. How would you do that? Think of all the changes that have been made in the name of ‘modernity’. Let me help you out. 

'First, they said that 3G was better than 2G. Then, they said 4G was better than 3G. I am sure, sooner than later, 5G will supersede 4G.' 

Can you make other associations? Can you think of other situations which can be described with the same sense that ‘supersede’ conveys in this context? Tell me about it in the comment section. 

Next up, ‘Redact’. It means ‘to remove a few words or a piece of information before it is made available to the public.’
For example, ‘The names of the victims in the accident were redacted.’ 

Now, let us make associations. How would I do that? I have seen that whenever certain kinds of crimes are committed, the names of the miscreants are often redacted in newspapers. Maybe, it is done because a lot of people try to find religion in everything these days. Instead of the culprits, they would start blaming their religion. Perhaps, that is why their names are redacted. How would you associate ‘redact’ with your experience? Tell me in the comments.

Next, ‘Promulgate’. It means ‘to make something known or public’. For example, ‘The political parties often promulgate fake news justifying their acts on social media.’  Now, how would you make associations? 

If I were you, I would have thought of those messages which are often forwarded to us by our friends. Often, these messages contain news which does not have any authenticity. In this way, fake news is often promulgated by us. Now, how will you make the association?

Tell me in the comments. Anyhow, I hope it helps you out. 

So long!

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