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In the previous write-up, I had told you that there are certain compounds that are metaphorical in nature. You may not be able to understand the meaning of these words by simply looking at the separate constituents. In this post, I am going to talk about 22 Compounds which are coined in recent times. You might find it difficult to guess the meaning by looking at their roots. 
1. ALPHA TEST: It's generally used in the IT industry. 

When a new product is tested for the first time to check if it's working properly, it's said that it's undergoing its alpha test.

For example,
The software is currently undergoing its alpha test.

You can also use it as
a verb.

The software is being alpha tested at present.

2. BETA TEST: When some customers are asked to use a product (e.g. a piece of software) to see if there are any problems that have not been rectified, it's said that it's undergoing its beta test.

Just remember that 'beta test' becomes hyphenated (beta-test) when it's used as a verb.

The company is going to beta-test the game next year. 


3. BRAT PACK: A brat pack is a group of young actors or writers who are currently very popular. 
For example, "Hollywood brat pack", "Bollywood brat pack". 

Some people might interpret this compound as "a group of ill-behaved young celebrities who are extremely rich and showy." But, that would only be an interpretation. It's not the dictionary definition. 

4. COMPASSION FATIGUE: It refers to a situation when you stop worrying about a problem that is affecting a lot of people. 

You don't care about it anymore. Furthermore, you also stop giving money to the people affected because the situation has continued for too long.  
For example,
After she reached a certain level of compassion fatigue, she stopped donating money to the flood victims.

5. COOK-CHILL: It refers to a method of food preparation. 
When the food is chilled rapidly by the manufacturer in order that it can be reheated as required, it's called cook-chill. 

6. JUNK FOOD: I'm sure you know what it means. 

7. LAGER LOUT: I sincerely hope you are not a lager lout. 

A lager lout is a young man who becomes violent and offensive after consuming alcohol.

8. MAGNET SCHOOL: A school that specializes in one subject to attract students is called a magnet school

For example,

The XYZ school is a magnet school for Mathematics.

9. NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH: It's a way of reducing crime.  

When people living in an area decide to watch each other's property and tell the authority about possible crimes, it's called a neighbourhood watch.

10. RACIAL PROFILING: It refers to a tendency in the police. It is perceived that many times they generalize the way people of a certain race or colour behave. If a person of a certain race has committed a crime, it does not mean each and every individual of that race is a criminal. You cannot think along these lines. But, unfortunately, the police face claims of racial profiling nowadays. 

11. OZONE HOLE: We certainly do not need Ozone holes. 

It refers to the excessive thinning of the ozone layer. As a result, harmful ultraviolet rays can reach the earth's surface. 


12. PASSIVE SMOKING: When you breathe in (especially when you don't smoke cigarettes) other people's cigarette smoke, it's called passive smoking.

 13. PHONE CARD: It's a small card which is used to pay for calls from a public phone. 

14. PHOTO OPPORTUNITY: There are occasions when famous people (e.g. politicians, film stars) like to be photographed doing something because it may help them become more popular with the public. Such an occasion is called a photo opportunity

15. SHELL SUIT: It's a tracksuit made of very thin and smooth material. It has elastic at the wrist and ankle. Unfortunately, I did not get a non-copyrighted image of this attire. 

16. SMART CARD: It's a small plastic card. It's used to make payments. Moreover, you can also store personal information in it which can be recovered when connected to a computer.  

17. SNAIL MAIL: It is quite obvious that letters and documents sent by post would take more time than what it would take if you send an email. That is the reason why letters and documents sent by post are often referred to as snail mail.  

18. SOUND BITE: It refers to a statement or a very short part of a speech made by a politician (or someone very famous) which is broadcast on a radio or television news programme. 

19. SPIN DOCTOR: It is often used in politics in order to refer to those people who can make an idea or event seem better than they really are. If you live in India, I'm sure you can name plenty of spin doctors. Right? We get to see a lot of them on TV every day. 😃😃😃😃😃

20. THIRTYSOMETHING: It refers to someone between 30 and 39 years old. By the way, this is me in the picture. 😃😃😃😃 

21. VENTURE CAPITALIST: A venture capitalist is a person or company that lends money to new companies to make a profit out of it, especially if it involves a risk. 

For example, 

Small start-ups are often backed by venture capitalists.

22. ZERO OPTION: This compound is used in international nuclear arms negotiations. It refers to an offer to remove all nuclear missiles that have a shorter-range if the opponent will do the same. 

Okay! That's that. We have just talked about 22 Compounds in English that have been coined in recent times. Which one is your favourite? Do tell me in the comment section. Make sure you follow my blog. Click the follow button and subscribe to me in order to get the notifications.

Until next time, this is RB, signing off.

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