Wednesday 25 November 2020

Elon Musk becomes world's second richest person

 Elon Musk becomes world's second richest person

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According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Tech entrepreneur, Elon Musk, is now the world's second richest person after the value of shares in his car firm, Tesla, skyrocketed in recent months.
His net worth saw a sudden increase (from $7.2bn to $128bn) making him wealthier than Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates. However, it should be noted that Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, still tops the list.

Recently, Tesla was added to one of the main share indices (S&P 500) in the US. Experts feel it boosted the value of the company's shares by 34% as the news got out. In the process, it increased Mr. Musk's personal fortune exponentially. 

Nevertheless, people often forget that Mr. Gates would have assuredly topped the list had he not been involved in charity over the years. He was the richest person in the world for years. Currently, his fortune is worth $127.7bn. 

English is easy with rb

It doesn't matter who wins this race. The fact that hard work does pay off and dreams do come true is what we should learn from them. 

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