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What does ALBEIT mean?

although; though

How to use ALBEIT in a sentence?

We use Albeit in Concessive Phrases. A Concessive Construction expresses an idea that contradicts the information in the main part of the sentence.
a. She is making progress, albeit rather slowly.
b. We have tried, albeit without success.
c. The afternoon was very pleasant, albeit a little humid.
d. She finally opened the door, albeit with caution.
"Aringarosa had no choice but to accept the invitation, albeit reluctantly". (From Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, Chapter 34)

Can we start a sentence with ALBEIT?

We don't start a sentence with ALBEIT. It would look weird and unnatural.

Is ALBEIT formal?

ALBEIT is assuredly a formal word.

Synonyms for ALBEIT

though, although, even though



We can start a sentence with Although.
Although the sun was shining, it wasn't very pleasant in the morning.
There is one more thing you may have noticed. The clause which Albeit introduces is not a normal dependent clause. It's just a concessive construction, which suggests a contrast. Let me try to explain it with an example.
It was pleasant, albeit it was noisy.
It was pleasant, albeit a little noisy.
It was pleasant, although it was a little noisy.
Although it was a little noisy, it was pleasant.
Thus, remember that although Although and Albeit are synonymous, these two words are not used in the same way.

Etymology for ALBEIT

It's quite evident that Albeit is comprised of three different words- all, be and it. It has been in use since the 14th century. It literally means "all though it be".

Do you put a comma after ALBEIT?

We put a comma before Albeit.

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