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In this write-up, I’ll talk about the MCQs from the test paper I uploaded on February 28. So if you haven’t yet taken the test, don't go through the article because I’ll reveal the answers. Click here. It will take you to the quiz page. Take the test, and then come back to this post again. Okay. Let’s begin.

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1. The tyres performed ________ during the tests.

The answer to the first MCQ is well. We need an adverb (which will decribe how the tyres performed), so if I were you I would not even consider the other options, good, goodly, and positive, for a moment because they are adjectives.

By the way, goodly isn’t a made-up word. It’s an old-fashioned adjective which means great or large.
For example,
He spent a goodly amount of money on his house.

2. I take it as a __________ when people say I look like my father.

The answer to the second MCQ is compliment. If you take a remark as a compliment, it means whatever is said expresses admiration or approval.

Complement is a separate word. The meaning of complement is entirely different from that of compliment. If x complements y, y seems better in combination with x.
For example,
Tea and biscuits complement each other perfectly.

The article, a, makes it pretty clear that accolade and appreciation cannot give us the correct answer.

3. I gave her a ride when her car broke down and now she is ______ the favour.

The answer to the third MCQ is returning. If you help someone and one returns the favour, it means one does something to help you in exchange.

The other options, repaying, exchanging, and swapping, do not collocate with favour. I am going to publish an article on collocations soon. Collocations refer to lexical co-occurence (which describes that a specific word or phrase is used with another specific word or phrase).

4. You have to _______ the respect of your students.

The answer to the fourth MCQ is earn. It is quite evident that we need a verb here, so worthy of, cannot be the answer. The other two options, obtain, and pay, do not collocate with respect.

However, pay does collocate with respects in the expressions, pay your respects, and pay your last respects.

5. Please convey my __________ to your parents.

The answer to the fifth MCQ is respects. The phrase, convey/give one's respects, can be used to say Hello! in a formal way.

You should take note of the fact that it's used in its plural form (respects).

6. Hackers ________ complete access to the files.

The answer to the sixth MCQ is gained. The other options, made, did, and took, do not collocate with access.

I could have used either got or had in place of gained because both get and have collocate with access.

7. I would like to ______ your attention to the latest developments in the stock market.

The answer to the seventh MCQ is draw.

Quite frankly, the other options make it pretty clear that the correct response is draw because you certainly can't sketch/paint/mark someone's attention to something. :)

8. It takes a long time to do it, but the results are so good that it's ______ the effort.

The answer to the eighth MCQ is worth.

The phrase, be worth something, is an idiomatic expression. It means something is good/interesting/important enough to be regarded in the specified way.
For example,
The Indian Museum is worth a visit.

9. There's ________ in numbers. (Idiom)

The answer to the ninth MCQ is safety. Why? Well, it's because it's an idiom. The word, safety, is missing from it.

THERE'S SAFETY IN NUMBERS. - If you are part of a group, you are less likely to be harmed.

10. A loud ______ of thunder broke the silence of the night.

The answer to the last MCQ is clap. In terms of usage, the other options, kick, punch, and boom, don't go with the word, thunder.

A loud clap/crash/peal of thunder broke the silence of the night.



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