Are you a LOGOPHILE (i.e. one who loves words) like me? If you are, this write-up is for you.

English is easy with rb

The suffix, '-phile', denotes a person who has a sincere fondness towards something. Now, this 'something' could be anything. For example, you could be someone who likes to stay in bed. I, for one, become a CLINOPHILE (i.e. one who loves going to/ staying in bed) on Monday mornings.  

And, since someone has an eye on you quite literally, let me ask you if you are an AILUROPHILE (i.e. a cat-lover). Are you not? Maybe, you are a CYNOPHILE (i.e. a dog-lover) instead!

Pets can really keep you company. Or, maybe, you are an ARCTOPHILE (i.e. one who loves teddy bears)

Anyhow, let us look at the other "-phile" words. 

If you love stars or astronomy, you are an ASTROPHILE

If you love books, you are a BIBLIOPHILE. I am a bibliophile. Are you too? 

There are some people who like buying books which they never read. It would be questionable to call them bibliophiles. 

If you love plants and trees, you are a DENDROPHILE. I love them. What about you? 

If you love it when it rains, you are probably a PLUVIOPHILE.

I think there are a lot of pluviophiles. 

If you love thunder and lightning, you are a CERAUNOPHILE.

If you love eclipses, you are an UMBRAPHILE. The latin word, UMBRA, means 'shadow'. 

Speaking of eclipses, if you love the sun, you are a HELIOPHILE

If you love the nighttime or darkness, you are a NYCTOPHILE.

If you love the moon, you are a SELENOPHILE.

Maybe, you are a PHOTOPHILE (i.e. one who loves light)

If you love the sea, you are a THALASSOPHILE.

If you love tattoos and piercings, you are a STIGMATOPHILE. 

If you love old artifacts, old-fashioned stuff, things that are associated with the past, you are a RETROPHILE.

I have purposefully not included a few more words of this sort. I have made this list on the basis of the kind of people I have ever interacted with. There is still some confusion over the actual meaning of AUTOPHILE. Otherwise, I would have included it.