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If you have a natural/special affinity for/with someone/something, you have a natural liking for that person/thing.

I think I can hear your thoughts right now. 

So many ORs! 😂😂😂

Well... Let me explain! 

The thing is... more often than not... you will find the noun, 'affinity', used with either 'natural' or 'special'.... and you can use for or with in order to refer to the person or thing one has a liking for. Some people like using 'affinity with' or 'affinity to' more than 'affinity for'. Anyhow, the context... as always... is really important

Let's have a few examples. 

a. He is a good swimmer. He has a natural affinity for/with water. 

b. She has a special affinity with cats. 

c. Her grandfather has a natural affinity for travelling. 

d. I don't have a natural affinity with romantic stories. 

e. College students have a natural affinity with black clothes. 

f. He has an affinity to her because her father was his teacher. 

Synonyms: connection, rapport, empathy, bond, accord

There is something else that you need to know. 

The word, 'affinity', can also refer to a close similarity between two things

For example, 

g. There are several close affinities between these two poems. 

h. One can easily notice that his new web series has an affinity to his earlier films. 

Synonyms: similarity, resemblance, likeness

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